Frequently Asked Questions


Are my clothes mixed with anyone else's?

No, they are not. Your clothes are machine-washed and machine-dried separately

What is your turnaround time?

We will process your clothes within 48 - 72 hours*

What if my clothes bleed color?

Some dark coloured clothes have this tendency to bleed out color and white garments are most susceptible to adhering to this bled color. So we suggest not to give expensive white clothes in the lot for laundry. Dry cleaning expensive clothes is always a better and safe option.

What chemicals do you use?

We use detergent, emulsifier and fabric softeners from Diversey, one of the leading detergent brands in the world

How do I give special instructions for my clothes?

Be it a cold wash or a antiseptic wash or adding of fabric conditioner, we have this all covered for you. You can also mention about any adamant stain and we can arrange special treatment for them. You just need to mention it to laundry xperts.

What is the minimum order size?

Our Minimum order value is Rs 300.

Monthly Subscription

What is the validity of the subscription?

It is valid for 30 days from the date of your first pickup.

Can I upgrade my subscription before its completion?

Yes you can. Please contact us at 997944401 to upgrade your subscription.

What garments are not covered under the monthly subscription?

All garments except heavy items - curtains, blankets, jackets, rugs and quilts


How do you accept payment?

We accept cash from our customers to be given to our delivery boy once you have received your clothes. Also, you can pay thru - Debit/Credit card Paytm

Do I need to tip the delivery boy?

No need to search your pockets for that extra bit, we motivate our Staff with ample incentives!

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